sailing the bay


it has been four years since i drove across the bay bridge into my new home of san francisco with everything i owned in my car and not a stich of a life in this new place. that wild decision to pick up and move with only gumption and wonder to keep me going is one of the best i’ve ever made. i can’t even believe how much i fell in love with the bay area and how richly this place helped me to become and all the blessings – both hard and organic – that have come from my time here.


when i first moved in to the city, i found two kindred spirit bosom friends almost immediately, steph and kelsey. i’ve had so many adventures with both of these girls, together and separately. they are some of my favourite people in the entire universe. and both of them happen to be leaving san francisco in the next couple of weeks – kelsey to a new job in seattle and steph to business school in utah. oh my gosh i am going to miss them so! to send them off with a bon voyage, a bunch of friends rented a boat and set sail on the san francisco bay on the most gloriously beautiful night last week!


we cruised along the waterfront of the piers, around alcatraz just as the sky behind the golden gate bridge blazed in last light, and back under the bay bridge just as the sparkles of the bay lights and the city lights started glimmering. it was soooooooo magical (yes, i know i seem to overuse that word – but seriously, i can’t describe that night any other way!). i loved reuniting with some good friends, meeting a few new friends, reminiscing on all the good times with kelsey and steph, and having my sweetheart with me, too.


as we sailed closer to the golden gate bridge, the boat tipped super far and it turned into a high adventure ride! it felt like we were definitely going to tip. then, as we turned back towards the bay bridge, everything was smooth and kind and lovely.

IMG_1955IMG_1989IMG_1996IMG_2016IMG_2004IMG_2005IMG_2008IMG_2022 IMG_2013IMG_2024IMG_2029IMG_2033

of course we made a late night stop at bob’s donuts with everyone before we headed back to palo alto. holy moly i love san francisco. but man! it will be a bit less fabulous without kelsey and steph! love them a lot.


{last sailing trip here}


back to biking the bridge

i left the boy at an extended family reunion in yellowstone and returned to the bay area to start a new school year at work. it was so hard to leave each other after nearly a month of being together all the time! since i flew back and he needed to bring the car back, he invited his baby sister to drive with him and hang out with us for a day in bay. after work on wednesday, we drove up to the city all together and biked the golden gate bridge!


the weather was outrageously good, and since we didn’t have time to bike into sausalito and take the ferry back to the city, we just biked across the ggb and back. it was so super fun. because of my usual ferry loop, i have never biked the bridge north to south, and we did that right at glorious golden sunset. it was so exhilarating!

we stopped by my favourite rooftop on our way out of the city. the views were so crisp and clear, and we sent off a red paper lantern just as the sky was transitioning through navy blue. we were so glad that the boy’s sister had a magical evening in the world’s best city.



on the way to the airport

after our second family reunion, the boy and i had to go to different places for the first time in nearly a month. he was going onto an extended family reunion at yellowstone and i went back to work in san jose (boooohoooo).

good thing we saw some pretty spectacular sites on the drive to the pocatello airport or else that journey would be very melancholy!

mesa falls – can you believe it?!?:IMG_1847IMG_1851IMG_1858

and then we’re driving, come around the corner, and bam! this:IMG_1864IMG_1865IMG_1868

and i nearly forgot about the gorgeous sites we passed on our way from bear lake to island park in between reunions! we took the scenic route through jackson hole (a place that holds many childhood memories for me – my family went there pretty much every autumn growing up) and teton national park (majestically beautiful – oh my!).


the earth is awesome. i mean, especially the mountain west, right?! – sheesh!
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