the best wedding in the history of ever

i just really feel like all my dreams came true. it was the best wedding in the history of ever. this amazing highlight reel, created by the incredibly talented and outrageously sweet jordan melendez, just scratches the surface of all the magic. it was 100x better than i could have ever dreamed up or schemed up. the boy and i are overwhelmed with gratitude for all those who helped make our wedding day and wedding reception remarkably beautiful and special. we were both just drowning in delirious happiness throughout all the festivities (sorry readers but you'll just have to deal with the superlatives and over-the-topness - it was all too good for words but i give it whatever i've got!).

more details to come!

Charity and Ian // Wedding Highlights from Jordan Melendez // West End CG on Vimeo.


the final countdown

this is so surreal!

the boy and i arrived in salt lake city on friday night and enjoyed spending general conference weekend with family and in the middle of it all! i am feeling tremendously blessed for my faith and for the boy's faith.

we are both working remotely the next couple of days and finishing some last things and then, holy cow, we are getting married. i somehow thought that this countdown app i put on my phone would never get us this close! i am amazed that even through all the craziness of wedding planning on top of really busy lives, i love the boy more and more every single day. i can't believe that i get to be his wife.

i won't be blogging for the next week or so, but am looking forward to sharing the joy of our celebrations here soon. true love is the best and i am so thankful that i've found it and for all the miracles that have brought me here.


dinner with friends

on wednesday night, i met my favourite palo altans at pizzeria delfina for a casual, quick last single girls' night out. i really love these friends, even more than i love that margharita pizza, and that's a real huge lot. it was just fun to talk and eat and laugh like you do with people you super like and enjoy. i've had a crazy couple of years in palo alto, and these pretty women have been such true friends.

tonight the boy and i leave to utah and when we come back, we'll be married. that just feels so incredibly surreal. i wouldn't have, and couldn't have, ever dreamed up our story, but i really love it. 
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